Ballon Ride over Bagan - by Balloons over Bagan

One of the finest sights in the world, the view of the cultural ancient city (Bagan) from the air.

Now visitors to Myanmar can view what Marco Polo described as 'one of the finest sights in the world' - from the unique and enchanting platform of a hot air balloon basket. The magic of Bagan has inspired visitors for many centuries. One of the most remarkable sights in Asia, ancient temples dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. Now 'Balloons over Bagan' affords visitors a unique opportunity to see this ancient kingdom as it has never been seen before. Our champagne flights take place early in the morning, at sunrise or an hour or so before sunset. Light winds and stable weather conditions are needed, the speed of the balloon and the length of the flight are governed by the strength and velocity of the wind.

Ordinarily an average of 45 mins of flight duration is expected. However, the entire experience will last about 2 1/2 hours. On landing, our fully trained Myanmar ground crew will pack the balloon whilst passengers enjoy a glass or two of celebratory champagne. Balloons over Bagan is a private Myanmar company that is committed to the preservation of Bagan and its environment. A contribution from each flight will be donated to community programmes that directly benefit the local population.

Drifting over a panorama of a thousand ancient pagodas, silent in the shadow of low-slung mountains and against the banks of the mighty Irrawaddy river. Scattered beneath you, these fabulous spires start to glow with the dawn, and then blaze with vibrant colour as the sun climbs over the far horizon. From this unique platform the landscape slowly comes alive; with the lazy smoke of cooking fires drifting between the stupas; with crocodile lines of red-robed monks collecting alms, and with the delighted cries of children who wave in excitement at your passage overhead. Truly the adventure of a lifetime, no visit to Myanmar could be complete without a balloon flight over the fabulous jewel that is Bagan.

Boutique Balloons will include the following enhanced service as follows:

  • Pre launch interactive tour of the balloon during inflation from the pilot
  • Use of our smaller and more intimate balloons, with no more than 2 passengers per compartment
  • Separate breakfast with superior champagne and launching area
  • Free memory stick of in flight photos

Types of Flight

Classic Service Flight

Your adventure starts with a short journey in one of our romantic converted vintage buses to one of our dedicated launch sites. The growing light reveals our teams busy at work preparing your balloon against a backdrop of ancient temples shrouded in mist. There is time for tea, coffee and refreshments before the all important safety briefing. With the balloons now standing upright, it is time to climb on board, where our helpful crew are on hand to assist you into the basket. The balloon is guided by gentle winds not exceeding 15 mph, allowing passengers a serene and peaceful bird's-eye view of ancient temples drifting by. Using his skill and years of local knowledge in Bagan the pilot is able to guide the balloon to a gentle landing where our friendly and experienced crew will be on hand with fruit, fresh pastries and a glass or two of champagne to complete the post flight celebration.

Premium Service Flight

The premium service will maintain a maximum daily capacity of 16 in two balloons using our smaller balloons. This service will be aimed towards couples and small groups of FITs who would appreciate a more exclusive, intimate and interactive experience, and operationally will be separate from the larger passenger balloons. The premium service of Boutique Balloons will offer a guaranteed 16 spaces for morning flights only, with a possibility to extend to an additional 12 spaces on a full charter basis only, subject to availability.

Book with us for a discount price.

Book with us for a discount price.
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Prices include transfers from your hotel, balloon flight and a light champagne breakfast.

Standby tickets can only be purchased 48 hours or two full days in advance at the Sales desk at the Balloons over Bagan office in Wet-Kyi-Inn village. Bagan sales desk is located at Balloons over Bagan office in Wet-Kyi-Inn village next to the Nandar Restaurant and is open from 8am to 11am and again from 5pm to 8pm. The contact phone numbers is (+951) 061 60347. The price may be higher than what is mentioned above.

1) Passengers or their accompanying guide must register at the sales desk at Balloons over Bagan office in Wet-Kyi-Inn village upon arrival in Bagan. The sales desk is open from 0800 AM to 1100 AM & again from 0500 PM to 0800 PM. The contact phone number is (+95) 061 60347.

2) Passengers are advised to wear long trousers and long sleeved clothing from 100% natural fibres.

3) Receipt of payment vouchers / flight tickets must be produced at launch site if required.

4) No refunds will be given for failure to arrive for a pre-arranged flight.

5) Any known medical condition which may affect your ability to fly or assist the crew must be disclosed to Balloons over Bagan at the time of booking and to the pilot on the day of the flight, i.e. epilepsy, recent surgery etc. Some conditions may preclude you from eligibility to fly. Pregnant women will not be permitted to fly. Balloons over Bagan will not accept liability for illness or injury due to any undisclosed condition or failure to comply with any reasonable instruction given by the pilot or crew or company representative.

6) The pilot in command is legally obliged to consider the safety of his passengers at all times and may refuse to carry passengers for whatever reason if it is considered their carriage may endanger the flight, other passengers or themselves. Balloons over Bagan reserves the right to refuse the carriage of any passenger.

7) Any Passenger in excess of 125 kg / 280 pounds, or any passenger who requires the space in the basket for 2 passengers, will be required to pay a 100% surcharge of the ticket price. Failure to provide accurate information in advance could lead to the refusal of flight at the launch site, whereby no refund will be offered.

8) All passengers must carefully listen to the safety briefing (see below) given by the pilot before the launch of the balloon and indicate in case he / she doesn’t understand the security briefing.

9) The pilot of the day has absolute authority and all passengers and crew must comply with his instructions. The pilot’s decision on all matters is final.

10) Balloons over Bagan expects passengers to assist the pilot and crew in any situation that is deemed reasonable, during pre- and post-flight activities.

11) Balloons over Bagan reserves the right to cancel or delay flights, change rendezvous and launch sites, at short notice, to achieve a safe and successful flight. Balloons over Bagan will not accept liability for any consequential loss or inconvenience.

12) Balloons over Bagan carries third party and passenger liability for each balloon.

13) Balloons over Bagan accepts no liability for claims arising as a result of an act or default of any other passenger or bystander.

14) Balloons over Bagan accepts no liability for loss or damage to persons or property other than that which results from negligence on its own part.

15) Balloons over Bagan does not accept liability for loss or damage to personal effects.

16) Flights cancelled by Balloons over Bagan for safety reasons or as a result of unfavourable weather or operational difficulties will be refunded in full. All direct payments to Balloons over Bagan will be refunded in cash either in Bagan or in Yangon. For all bookings made through tour agents, passengers must contact the respective agent to organise their refunds.

17) Balloons over Bagan reserves the right to alter, revise or review any terms, conditions or rates, at its discretion.

18) Balloons over Bagan will not fly children under the age of 8 years. A child under the age of 16 years will only be flown if accompanied by a responsible adult, and the child is over 4'6'' tall (or 137 cm).

Safety briefing (as given by the pilot before take-off)

  • Do not touch any coloured ropes or the fuel hoses or any of the burner controls
  • During inflation, do not move between the trucks and the balloon.
  • On the command 'Landing Positions';
    - Face backwards to the direction of travel.
    - Hold onto the rope handles
    - Bend your knees (like skiing), but do not sit on the floor
    - Lean back against the basket padding
    - Stay in this position until told to come back up.
  • Before the landing, stow all cameras/videos/binoculars etc. DO NOT HANG ANYTHING AROUND YOUR NECK.
  • After the landing, stay in the basket. Do not get out, until the pilot has told you it is safe to do so!