Balloon Ride over Bagan - by GOLDEN EAGLE

One of the finest sights in the world, the view of the cultural ancient city (Bagan) from the air.

As we rise to altitudes and drift with the breeze, you will witness quite possibly the best panoramic views of Bagan and its surrounds. One of the most important archaeological sites in Asia and arguably the world, the thousands of temples at Bagan sit on a dry agricultural plain wedged in a bend of the imperious Irrawaddy River. Here is your opportunity to get some of the most stunning photographs you will ever take.

Sample Itinerary

5:00 AM to 5:30AM - The Anticipation

You will be picked up from your hotel, by our friendly staff, and brought to the launch site, in the comfort of our private vehicle.

Around 5:30 AM - Meet Your Pilot & Balloon

Upon arrival at the launch site, you will be served with light breakfast while watching in awe as your balloon is inflated and prepared for flight. Then, your pilot in command will give you full safety briefing and flight instructions.

Around 6:15 AM to 6:30 AM - Take-off!

And before you know it, you lift effortlessly into the air and begin your awesome journey. The air is cool and the view from above is simply magnificient.

35 mins to one hour - Travelling where the wind takes you

You will take in mesmerizing view of majestic Bagan as you fly from treetop level up to several thousand feet while travelling where the wind takes you. During your flight, your pilot explains the history of ballooning and points out prominent pagodas in Bagan.

Once in a Lifetime Photography!

Enjoy an unique opportunity of taking some of the most stunning photos and selfies up in the air!

Around 7.30 AM - The Return & Champagne Celebration

It is time to return to the loving arms of Mother Earth. Next, it's time to pack up and you will be presented a flight certificate by the pilot. At the conclusion of your once in a life time adventure, you will be presented with a commemorative champagne toast to cherish for years to come.

Book with us for a discount price.

Book with us for a discount price.
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Passengers flying with GOLDEN EAGLE are bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

1) Passengers or their accompanying guide must register at our sales desk upon arrival in Bagan at Bagan Umbra Hotel, Wetkyi Inn (Ph: 09-25208 4232, 09-25208 4242) between 8am to 12 pm and 4pm to 8pm.

2) Passengers are recommended to wear long sleeves shirts, long trousers and covered shoes.

3)Passengers who have any known medical condition such as epilepsy, recent surgery or other condition which can affect your ability to fly or assist the crew must be disclosed at the time of booking, and to the pilot on the day of your flight.

4) Pregnant women are not allowed to fly.

5) GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING will not be liable for illness or injury due to any undisclosed condition or failure to comply with any reasonable instructions given by the pilot, crew or company representatives.

6) Passengers who weigh above 125kg/280 pounds or need the space for 2 persons, will be requested to pay 100% surcharge of the ticket price. Failure to provide accurate information in advance may lead to the refusal of flight at the launch site, whereby no refund will be offered.

7) Children under the age of 8 years will not be allowed to fly with GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING. Children aged between 8 and 16 years needs to be accompanied by a responsible adult and have to be over 137cm tall (4 feet 6 inches).

8) The pilot in command is legally responsible for the safety of all passengers at all times connected with the flight. He or she has the absolute right to refuse passengers for any reason if it is considered their carriage may endanger the flight or other passengers.

9) Passengers must pay full attention to the safety briefing given by the pilot in command before the launch of the balloon, and questions should be put to pilot if the briefing is not understood or unclear.

10) The pilot’s decision is final on all matters, and he or she has full authority over passengers and crew who are to fully comply with his or her instructions or orders.

11) GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING reserves the right to cancel or delay flights, and change rendezvous and launch sites at short notice, to achieve safe and successful flights. The company is not liable for any ensuing loss or inconvenience.

12) GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING has comprehensive international insurance cover for all passengers and third party liabilities.

13) GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal effects taken on flights, and will not accept any liabilities for such losses or damages.

14) Flights cancelled by GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING for safety reasons, unfavourable weather conditions, or operational difficulties will be refunded in full. All direct payments to GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING will be refunded in cash. For all bookings made through tour agents, passengers must contact the respective agent to expedite their refunds.

15) GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING reserves the right to revise or modify any terms & conditions or rates in the event of an upsurge in the market, with a minimum one month notice. However, for confirmed reservation and bookings, they will be kept at the current rates and terms.

16) Under no circumstances will GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages, including but not limited to lost or damaged property, lost profits or savings or damages or disappointment.

17) GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING may arrange for your flight to be carried out by another balloon company. In such instances, GOLDEN EAGLE BALLOONING accepts no liability in connection with such services or for any loss, injury, or damages to in respect to person or property.

Safety briefing (as given by the pilot before take-off)

  • Do not touch any coloured ropes or the fuel hoses or any of the burner controls
  • During inflation, do not move between the trucks and the balloon.
  • On the command 'Landing Positions';
    - Face backwards to the direction of travel.
    - Hold onto the rope handles
    - Bend your knees (like skiing), but do not sit on the floor
    - Lean back against the basket padding
    - Stay in this position until invited to stand upright again.
  • Before the landing, stow all cameras/videos/binoculars etc. DO NOT HANG ANYTHING AROUND YOUR NECK.
  • After the landing, stay in the basket. Do not get out, until the pilot has told you it is safe to do so!